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June 27, 2014. Arcata CA at the Alibi — ASH BORER (Humboldt county, now spread to the 4 winds, first humboldt show in 2 years). HELL (Salem, OR incredible sludge/black/doom) DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!  $7 21+

Telephone Project (SD Funeral Pop) Witch Prayer (Goth from SD) and Blood Orphans (EMO! TOUR KICK OFF) at The Pleasure Palace (1060 K St in Arcata) 5/24/14 SATURDAY. ALL AGES. $5.

Come out tonight to THE WORKS - A LOCAL INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE and buy some stuff and then see VASTUM (Bay Area death metal - ex-HIDEOUS, -APOCRYPHON, -SAROS, -ACEPHALIX, -NECROT) with local heavy dudes LORD ELLIS and iommi space travelers CV!! ALL AGES. 9 PM!! EUREKA!

Extinction of Mankind (UK CRUST LEGENDS) + DEATHWISH (Motorcharged, members of WARTORN from WI), MIASMIC (trve black metal from Humboldt), and DANDRUFF (humboldt raw punx) MAY 19, 2014 at THE INK ANNEX (47B W. 3rd st behind the COOP) in Eureka, CA.

PREDATORY LIGHT (from NM, members of ASH BORER) + Golden Raven (from Humboldt, members of ASH BORER) at the Alibi in Arcata, CA on 4/18/14 21+ $5 10pm.

Thursday Jan 30th FREE SHOW at The Siren’s Song Tavern on 2nd St in Eureka, CA. WHITE MANNA (holy mountain records) SUPER BROWN (recorded w/ dude from burger records, release forthcoming) TED (excellent mullet)

RAW NERVES / LORD ELLIS / IMPERIAL DESTRUCTO playing the Jambalaya in Arcata, CA on Jan 4, 2014.  9:00 pm. $5?

Miasmic (Black Metal from Humboldt County) CD Release Show. Jan 25, 2014. Little Red Lion. Eureka, CA. $3 21+

Dolphin Star + TRAP Djs at MexNwoW Oct 4th 2013. All Ages. HFRA Benefit show / fundraiser. $10 suggested donation at the door.

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Wed Sept 4th



(Photo slideshow of some freaky friends and other shit worth looking at)

(first show in a long time, noisy industrial rhythms)


$5 MexNwoW 9pm

Monday at MexNwoW

LAS OTRAS (Punx from Barcelona, Spain)

Komatose (Punx Make Noise)

The Disaffectionate (CA Death Rock)


Sacrament ov Impurity (Black metal from Mt Vernon, WA) 9:15 - 10:00
Miasmic (local black metal) 8:30 - 9:00
Burning Hash (local metal) 7:45 - 8:15
Crimson Funeral (local metal) 7:00 - 7:30

All ages. No alcohol, no drugs, no fights, no bullshit.
$5 general, $3 if you have a Placebo card

Friday May 3. Mischief Brew (wandering folk punx), Gunsafe (Arcata), Sunshine & Yellabird (massacre folk), Made in China ALL AGES. @ The Ink Annex 47 W. 3rd St Eureka, CA 7pm?

April 22nd at the Ink Annex in Eureka, CA. Wilt; Wounded Giant; Wretched Animals. 7pm. 5bux.

March 19 at the Ink Annex in Eureka, CA. Exmortus, Witchaven, Komatose, Aleister Christ. All Ages. 47B W. 3rd St Eureka, CA.