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— please tune in TONIGHT at 7:30 for a live interview with Austin, TX community organizer SCOTT CROW. Crow helped found the COMMON GROUND COLLECTIVE in New Orleans immediately after the city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. If you’ve heard of Occupy Sandy Relief NYC, Common Ground Collective was a very similar effort which started in 2006. Tune into the interview, LIVE TONIGHT at 7:30 PM PST only on 99.9 FM Humboldt Free Radio Alliance. CROW WILL BE SPEAKING AT THE BOOK FAIR ON SATURDAY ( 12/8 at the manilla comm. center, 10am-6pm FREE). PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND TUNE IN!!!

Tone-Deaf CSU Board Approves More Massive Executive Pay Hikes ›

The CSU Board of Trustees approved massive pay increases for CSU executives yesterday. They’re for two incoming campus presidents, including $324,500 plus housing and a $12,000 per year car allowance for the next CSU Fullerton president, Mildred García, formerly the president at CSU Dominguez Hills, who was given a raise of $29,500 for moving from Dominguez Hills to Fullerton.

Leroy Morishita will get $303,660 plus $60,000 per year housing and $12,000 per year car allowance as the new CSU East Bay president, a $27,605 raise. He previously served as the interim president at CSU East Bay at a salary of $276,055 annually.

The raises came during the very same trustee meeting at which the trustees ratified a collective bargaining agreement with CSUEU.

“I’m constantly asked why the CSUEU bargaining team is failing to get raises for our people when managers are getting raises,” CSUEU VP for Representation Russell Kilday-Hicks told the trustees during yesterday’s public comment session. 

“This public system is in your trust,” he continued. “You are not the ‘Rubber Stamp Committee’ for administrative decisions.  There will be continuing repercussions for your ill-advised decisions.”

As CSUEU President Pat Gantt put it, “This is an abuse of power along the same lines—and by the same trustees—as the board meeting last year during which the SDSU president received a huge pay increase over his predecessor’s salary at the same time that new tuition hikes were enacted.”

He added, “Only action on the part of the governor and the legislature will prevent the trustees from continuing to take these types of tone-deaf actions in the future.”

Just this morning, the Senate Education Committee approved legislation (SB 952-Alquist) to allow double digit pay hikes for CSU executives making $300,000 to $600,000, while killing a bill (SB 967-Yee) that would have prohibited pay hikes for top administrators during bad budget years or within two years of a student fee increase.
“It is another sad day for our students,” said Senator Yee. “Unfortunately, the Education Committee has sent the completely wrong message. Rather than stand up for students and faculty, they protected the 1 percent and condoned CSU’s bad behavior. CSU students and California taxpayers deserve better than the status quo.”

CSUEU-represented employees are encouraged to email the head of the Senate Education Committee to voice their opinion: Sen. Alan Lowenthal,


Playlist for March 18, 2012

MAM Records - Gilbert O’Sullivan - “Alone Again (Naturally)” 45

Total Fury - Committed to the Core 7” - Committed to the Core / Connected / Sage / Makeshift Way
Vitamin X - People that Bleed 7” - Pissed Off / Got A Reason / Your War / In My Head / Ego Trip / People that Bleed
Straight To Hell - Split with Balance of Terror 7” - Acts of Desperation / Narking in Cyberspace / I Can’t Wait / The Lions Will Eat Well
Vitamin X - People that Bleed 7” - The Bigger the Better / Too Close to Call / No Comply / Locked In, Locked Out / Stab / Material Existence

Al Martino - “Tears and Roses” / “A Year Ago Today” 45

Balance of Terror - Split with Straight to Hell 7” - They Win / A Perfect World / Golden Age of Shit / Dead Air
Axiom - Establishing a Culture of Resistance 7” - Crippled With Fear / Dear Capitalist / I’m Scared / Drug World


Gauze - 7” - ??? / Low Charge / Pressing On / ??? / ??? / ???
OUTCOLD - Split with Voorhees 12” - Just Plain Mean / Euthanasia / I Decay / It’s Terminal / Alone
Charles Bronson - Youth Attack! 10” - Marriage can suck it / youth attack! / the painful, yet unavoidable, deathstar comparison / xdumbfucksx / too much of a good thing / standing in front of bulldog records / stock footage / pre(im)mature retirement p.l.a.n. / the only time i think about romance is when i wonder why i don’t think about it / deaf and dumb

Occupy Eureka Documentary produced by Planet Humboldt

Last In Line - L’esercito Del Morto 12” - A Little Common Courtsey Won’t Kill You (But I Might) / Cry Me A River / Joe Cool

Monks of Gyuto - The Perfect Jewel with T.S. Eliot - The Hallowmen
Necrophagist - Onset of Putrefaction - Dismembered Self-immolation / Pseudopathological Vivisection
Nile - Ithyphallic - Infinity of Stone [Instrumental] / Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks
Absu - Abzu - Earth Ripper / Skrying in the Spirit Vision
Battlemaster - Warthirsting & Winterbound - By Beard and Throne
Enslaved - Blodhemn - Urtical Gods
Einherjer - Blot - Ironbound
Cryptopsy - None So Vile - Phobophile / Lichmistress

The New Face of American Democracy

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Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion. Sometimes the poor are praised for being thrifty. But to recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less. For a town or country labourer to practise thrift would be absolutely immoral. Man should not be ready to show that he can live like a badly-fed animal. He should decline to live like that, and should either steal or go on the rates, which is considered by many to be a form of stealing. As for begging, it is safer to beg than to take, but it is finer to take than to beg. No: a poor man who is ungrateful, unthrifty, discontented, and rebellious, is probably a real personality, and has much in him. He is at any rate a healthy protest. … I can quite understand a man accepting laws that protect private property, and admit of its accumulation, as long as he himself is able under those conditions to realise some form of beautiful and intellectual life. But it is almost incredible to me how a man whose life is marred and made hideous by such laws can possibly acquiesce in their continuance.

Oscar Wilde, “The Soul of Man Under Socialism”, 1891.

George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war for America ›

Billionaire investor George Soros has a new prediction for America. While it might be as dire as it gets for the financial wiz, this bet concerns more than just the value of the buck. According to Soros, there’s about to be an all-out class war.

Soros, 81, previously bet against the British pound in the early 90s and made $1 billion off its collapse. In the years since, he’s remained active in investing, but also in advocacy. He’s helped keep Wikipedia afloat thanks to impressive contributions and through donations to the Tides Center, has indirectly funded Adbusters, the Canadian anti-capitalist magazine that put Occupy Wall Street on the map. Speaking to Newsweek recently, Soros neglected to acknowledge his past successes, but instead offered a word of warning: a period of “evil” is coming to the western world.

“I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career,” Soros tells Newsweek. “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.”

Soros goes on to compare the current state of the western world with what the Soviet Union was facing as communism crumbled. Although he would think that history would have taught the globe a thing or two about noticing trends, Soros says that, despite past events providing a perfect example of what is to come, the end of an empire seems imminent.

“The collapse of the Soviet system was a pretty extraordinary event, and we are currently experiencing something similar in the developed world, without fully realizing what’s happening,” adds Soros.

Soros goes on to say that as the crisis in the Eurozone only worsens, the American financial system will continue to be hit hard. On the way to a full-blown collapse, he cautions, Americans should expect society to alter accordingly. Riots will hit the streets, says Soros, and as a result, “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.”

The recent adoption of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 and the proposed Enemy Expatriation Act, if approved, have already very well paved the way for such a society. Under the NDAA, the US government is allowed to indefinitely detain and torture American citizens suspected of terror crimes without ever bringing them to trial. Should lawmakers Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Charles Dent (R-PA) get their Enemy Expatriation Act through Congress, the US will also be able to simply revoke citizenship without trial, essentially removing constitutional rights from anyone deemed a threat.

Others have cautioned that, as inequality becomes more rampant in America, the country’s citizens are becoming increasingly agitated with those on the other side of the extreme. In a recent survey released by the Pew Research Center, 66 percent of the adults studied believe that either “very strong” or “strong” conflicts exist between America’s elite and the impoverished, a statistic that has skyrocketed in recent years. Between 2009 and 20011, the proportion of those that sense conflicts exist as such between the class groups grew by 19 percentage points. While less than half of Americans fearing a fight brewing at the dawn of the Obama administration, today two-out-of-three Americans feel that there is a strong conflict between both extremes of society.

Addressing the issue of inequality, Soros tells Newsweek that the main issue that will make or break a reelection for US President Barack Obama will be whether or not the rich end up being taxed more. Among the current frontrunners in the Republic Party’s race for the GOP nomination, wealth and taxes have been of the biggest concern of party rivals. The top candidates have made millions off of investments, and at a time of immense inequality, represent what 99 percent of Americans don’t. Taxing the rich to a bigger degree might finally bring a chance, and Soros says, “It shouldn’t be a difficult argument for Obama to make.”

Soros adds that if the US manages to make it through the troubled times to come, it come allow the nation to enter another golden era. “In the crisis period, the impossible becomes possible. The European Union could regain its luster. I’m hopeful that the United States, as a political entity, will pass a very severe test and actually strengthen the institution,” he tells Newsweek.

Hey Student and Academic Organizers!

The March 1st Day of Action for Education is going to be an epic day for the State of Public Education! The national teach-ins during the early part of the Vietnam War helped to activate the entire country, and led to mass demonstrations that reshaped American policy and attitudes. And now, it is our calling to relive history! We will join our fellow campuses across the nation, celebrating public education, and demanding change!

What a day we will be having at Humboldt State University! From Noon till 1:00 pm, a fantastic line up of speakers will be exciting the student base in the Quad. Speakers will touch on art, education, and the current state of social inequality!

1) Travis and Jake - Introduce the Rally and Our Purpose
2) Laura - On Pressing Social Issues
3) Tom - A Spoken Word Piece
3) Shawn - On the Educational Budget Crisis
4) Aurora - On Awesome, Empowering Social Change
6) Jeff - On Changing The Current Educational Paradigm

From 1:00 to 1:25 pm, Occupy Humboldt State will be providing entertainment for the crowd, via hula hooping, artistic presentations, and more.

From 1:30 to 5:30 pm, the Student Sociological Association, in conjunction with student activists and the Humboldt community, will be hosting a ‘workshop intensive’. The workshop schedule is as follows:

Introduction and Declaration of Purpose: 1:30 to 1:45 pm

Workshops Held During Round 1 - 1:45 to 2:45 pm:

1) Know Your Rights Training Session - Laura D.
2) NonViolent Communication Training - Felicia A.
3) Lobbying For Positive Solutions To The Education Crisis - Jesse and Aaron W.
4) Creating Change With The Power Of Art - Moss W.

Workshops Held During Round 2 - 2:45 to 3:45 pm

1) The OWNS Program, A Community Answer - Shawn and Brian
2) Radical Food Solutions - Ryan B. and Moss C.
3) Corps Ain’t Peeps - Dave M. and David B.

Workshops Held During Round 3 - 3:45 to 4:45 pm

1) Label GMO’s - Heather H.
2) Occupy: Past, Present, and Future - Aren R.
3) Activists for Education - Jake F. and Jeff B.

Sum-up and Wind-down - 4:45 - 5:30 pm

From 5:30 to 7:00ish pm a General Assembly will be held

From 8:00 to 10:00 pm the Humboldt Circus will be playing with fire in the Quad.

And then the conspiring begins, from 10:00 pm till the morn!

Thank you all for contributing to the Day of Action for Education!

Obama Campaign To Wall Street: We'll Go Easy On You Guys ›


President Obama’s campaign manager has a message for Wall Street: This time around, we’ll lay off.

Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, told the hosts of a $38,500 per-plate fundraiser geared towards investment bankers and hedge fund managers that the president wouldn’t make Wall Street look bad during his re-election campaign, Bloomberg reports. The assurance follows Obama’s call to raise taxes on the rich in his latest budget proposal.

The current attempt at appeasement also comes as Obama attempts to win back the donors that provided him with so much last election. Despite criticizing Wall Street during a 2007 speech at the Nasdaq stock exchange, financial industry donations to Obama outpaced Wall Street cash to his GOP rival John McCain two-to-one at certain points in that campaign, according to the New York Daily News.


(Photo) Advertisement for #OccupyBoston in The Metro, the largest-circulating free daily newspaper in the greater Boston area.

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The Battle of Oakland from brandon jourdan on Vimeo.

The Battle of Oakland from brandon jourdan on Vimeo.

By Brandon Jourdan

On January 28th, 2012, Occupy Oakland moved to take a vacant building to use as a social center and a new place to continue organizing. This is the story of what happened that day as told by those who were a part of it. it features rare footage and interviews with Boots Riley, David Graeber, Maria Lewis, and several other witnesses to key events.

#KMFDM Bitch-Slaps #Plutocracy With A Drug Against #WallStreet #ows ›


By James Curcio, February 4, 2012, via

From Johan of HoodooEngine:

The whole #OccupyWallStreet thing is cool and all, but it’s not a real party until some heavyweights of radical music start throwing their weight behind it. Fans of industrial metal will be pleased to know that KMFDM has done just that, releasing a new version of their classic track (which the more angsty of us rocked in our angsty bedrooms over a decade ago), A Drug Against War, but have altered their own lyrics to spotlight the recent rebellion against evil psycho-clown corporations.

The vocals in the track are now all about defeating our shady bankster-GMO-Annunaki overlords with the new title A Drug Against Wall Street!

More on disinfo


U.S. production is up, while wages remain stagnant. That means that while workers continue to work long, hard hours bringing more profit to corporations, rather than “trickling down” those profits into the wages of the workers, executives are keeping their profits in the hands of stockholders. Less wages mean less buying power in an economy where the price of products, education, food, medicine and housing accommodation grows. This pattern cannot continue without an eventual and painful crash for millions of hard working citizens. 

It’s not whining or entitlement, it’s math and foresight.

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Jan 28: “Don’t fuck with the Oakland Commune”

Dear Mayor Jean Quan, Oakland Police Department, and Oakland City Council,

As you probably know, Occupy Oakland is planning the occupation of a building on January 28th that will serve as a social center, convergence center, headquarters, free kitchen, and place of housing for Occupy Oakland. Like so many other people, Occupy Oakland is homeless while buildings remain vacant and unused. For Occupy this is in large part because of yourselves, having evicted us twice from public space that was rightfully ours. For others it is because of the housing bubble, predatory lending, the perpetual crises of capitalism, and far reaching histories of imperialism and systemic violence.

Our families, friends, and communities built the buildings that sit empty in post-industrial Oakland. Now these buildings outnumber the homeless and represent the theft of our collective labor as the class of the unpropertied and dispossessed. Allowing this building to remain vacant while so many are in need is injurious theft, injustice; its extralegal occupancy is not.

When Occupy Oakland was first evicted on October 25, we organized a General Strike on November 2nd with only a week to plan. November 2nd proved our strength and relevancy. Conservative estimates said twenty thousand took the streets, but for those of us who marched on the ports it could have been a hundred thousand.  November 2nd was an inspiration for the Occupy Movement and public condemnation of your violent repression. 

Eventually we reoccupied Oscar Grant Plaza only to suffer a second violent eviction on November 14th. At this time there was a national crackdown on the Occupy movement as evictions were happening in Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Portland OR and elsewhere. It was revealed that you, Jean Quan, had been coordinating with federal agents how to best repress dissent. In response Occupy Oakland was the impetus for a West Coast Port Shut Down, in solidarity with Longview ILWU workers whose union is under attack by EGT. The action escalated to a national and then international action as more occupations signed on. In Oakland alone the shutdown cost some $8.7 million dollars in lost revenue and proved that when civic and economic institutions do not serve us, we can shut them down.

Since the beginning of the Occupy Movement when you have exacted violent repression on us we have proven that we are more powerful and diffuse than you. If you try to evict us again we will make your lives more miserable than you make ours.

This may be in one or more of the following forms:

-Blockading the airport indefinitely

-Occupying City Hall indefinitely

-Shutting down the Oakland ports

-Calling on anonymous for solidarity

It will be in our mutual interest if you respect our occupation by recognizing our residency and eminent domain. We are sure that we all look forward to the needs of Oakland’s people finally being met.

Don’t fuck with the Oakland Commune.


Occupy Oakland Move-In Assembly

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Police use smoke grenades on Occupy Oakland protesters ›

Police fired what appeared to be smoke grenades on Saturday at a group of hundreds of Occupy Oakland protesters who tore down a chain-link fence as they tried to gain entrance to the city’s shuttered convention center.


The scuffles marked the latest confrontation between police and Occupy protesters seeking to regain lost momentum in their movement against economic inequality after authorities cleared protest camps around the country late last year.


Occupy Oakland organizers had vowed to take over the abandoned building to establish a new headquarters for their movement and draw attention to homelessness in a move seen as a challenge to authorities who have blocked similar efforts before.


But near the convention center, several dozen police officers declared an unlawful assembly and confronted the demonstrators at the fence, firing smoke canisters into the crowd after telling them to disperse through loudspeakers.


The crowd fell back as the smoke hit, but then made a second push toward the fence, where they were held back by police. Some crowd members tried to circumvent the police line, and surged toward police as more smoke canisters were fired, carrying shields made of plastic garbage cans and corrugated metal.


“The City of Oakland welcomes peaceful forms of assembly and freedom of speech, but acts of violence, property destruction and overnight lodging will not be tolerated,” police said in a statement.


Police said they had yet to use tear gas, but made no mention of smoke canisters. They said “use of gas may occur if necessary.”

Protesters in Oakland loosely affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in New York last year have repeatedly clashed with police during a series of marches and demonstrations.

In October, former Marine Scott Olsen was left in critical condition with a head injury following a confrontation with police on the streets of Oakland in which tear gas was deployed.

Organizers say Olsen was struck in the head by a tear gas canister. Authorities opened an investigation into that incident but have not said how they believe he was hurt.

Anonymous claims Stratfor spied on OWS — RT ›

Anonymous promised that after hacking the intelligence firm Stratfor, called by some a “shadow CIA,” they’d prove that they were more than just a consulting firm.