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WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? 11 minutes of their set from June 8, 2014 Cambridge Elks Lodge. 7” release show!

White Manna jam during their gig at The Siren Song Tavern in Eureka, CA on June 1, 2014.

cliterate, live in humboldt county.

Marisa Anderson from OR returns to Arcata TONIGHT! Video from her performance at Arcata’s Missing Link Records in March 2012. Full line up for tonight:

Marisa Anderson (Experimental folk, Portland)

—- local darq country doom twang —-
artist quote: ” we’re going for baroque”

Norm ‘n’ Norma (North Carolina Rock ‘n Weird)

at The Birdhouse
$5-$7 donation
 !! Maybe outdoor show w/bonfire !!

Starts at 7 PM sharp

(birdhouse located on H between 18th and 19th)

9-11-2011  -  4-20-2013 RIP CRIPPLED WIZARD.

Cock E.S.P. - performance footage from 2006-2008. They will be performing tomorrow night *SUNDAY* at MexNwoW in Arcata, CA. Msg me for directions.

Crippled Wizard Promo video MMXIII starring Willy and Wilma the goats aged 2 weeks and 5 days, respectively.


some film still from the dick binge music video

lots of the live footage shot at The Facement in Arcata, CA. Great video.

(via bitchaura-deactivated20131005)

White Manna at The North Country Fair in Arcata, CA. September 2012. Filmed by Bob Doran.

High On Fire - Fertile Green

Definitely the coolest video I’ve seen since the White Manna video by BloodMeridian. Also, the lead looks like Dastardly Dave Dawson.

Onset Of Putrefaction
1999 (2004 Re-issue)
Genre: Technical Death Metal
1. Foul Body Autopsy
2. To Breathe In A Casket
3. Mutilate The Stillborn
4. Intestinal Incubation
5. Culinary Hyperversity
6. Advanced Corpse Tumor
7. Extreme Unction
8. Fermented Offal Discharge
9. Dismembered Self-Immolation
10. Pseudopathological Vivisection

White Manna - Acid Head video by

The last three tracks on Loss’ Despond are incredible, but the album is best taken as a whole. I listened to this album intently four times in a period of 24 hours, traveling from my home in northern california back to my native east coast city on my own while being a fly on the wall of a six hour car ride, two plane rides and over 13 hours in the San Francisco international airport’s Terminal One (and luckily only 2 hours in the Las Vegas airport). Surrounded by people, alone in the crowd. I’m sure this experience influences how I feel about this album, but for me, Loss’ Despond is an ocean of isolation, jealousy and depression - waves crashing against the jagged rocks of your soul in a storm.

PRIEST. Japan 1978

Footage by from the “Synth Circle,” anti-drum circle event on the Arcata plaza during Arts! Arcata recently.